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Like thousands of other Cuban families in the early 80’s, with the help of relatives already living in “el exilio”, the Busquet family left the island on the Mariel Boat Lift. They had nothing more than each other, a will to make it and their dreams.
After years of hard work and sacrifice, they established the original Polo Norte in 1992, as an ice cream parlor. However, in an incredible twist of fate, it was hit by Hurricane Andrew only three days after it opened. With untiring determination, the Busquet family picked up the pieces, and re-opened Polo Norte but this time a little wiser than before. After their recent experience they knew that selling ice cream alone would not keep the family afloat for long, so Raul, his wife Vivian and their two sons, decided to expand the menu, and include “Pizza Cubana” along with other Cuban dishes that Vivian was so great at cooking.

Soon after, Polo Norte’s reputation as the place to go for a truly authentic Cuban meal was indisputable, and its popularity in the South Florida community exploded to a level they could have only dreamt of years before. Today, the Busquet family’s true labor of love has flourished into four successful restaurants, still family owned and operated . But most importantly, still run by the same principles, work ethic and genuine “Cuban” hospitality that started it all. ¡Buen Provecho!

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